Sevenly’s t-shirts helping save the world

This reminds me of Toms, win-win, you get a great t-shirt, one of your favorite causes gets a donation.  According to their blog, Sevenly has raised over $100k in the past five months for worthy organizations.

If you act in the next two days, your donation will benefit War Child Canada, an incredible organization.  Check it out!


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I just stumbled across this on the UN World Food Programme site.

Free Rice is a trivia game that for each answer you get right, 10 grains of rice will be donated through the UN WFP.  So far more than 91 billion grains of rice have been donated.

While this game appeals to all ages, it would be a really great game for kids, as it offers various levels of difficulty.  One of my favorites is trying to identify the nationality of Flags – not so easy to do, but lots of fun!  Warning – it is very addictive!

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Moustage your friends for Movember

I like Movember because while the cause is serious, the concept allows for endless humorous activity.  If you thought seeing men who traditionally don’t wear the ‘stache’ look funny during the month of November as they attempt to grow facial hair, you will enjoy this promotion that allows you to paste a moustache on a photo.

Biotherm Homme, is hoping to raise $10,000 by encouraging Facebook users to “Moustag” their friends for a good cause.

This is nice because both girls and boys can play  – and help raise money and promote awareness and early screening for Prostate Cancer.  If you ever wanted to know what your friends would look like with a moustache – now is your chance to find out.

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How non-profits are using social media (inforgraphic)

Not all non-profits are using all social media, but it appears that almost all of them are using some form of this medium.  Is social media the great equalizer? Are big and small organizations able to drive the same results with very different budgets?  Take a look at this infographic recently posted on Mashable.




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Breakfast for Learning recieves $1million donation from The Grocery Foundation

The Grocery Foundation, an Ontario-based not-for-profit representing the province’s grocery industry, just donated $1 millionto Breakfast for Learning (BFL), Canada’s leading child nutrition charity.

The money was raised with the help of many of over 800 participating grocers who participate in the annual Toonies for Tummies campaign.

The grant will provide for over 448,594 meals per week and will help school communities fund equipment needs. The Foundation has also made an additional $500,000 investment for capital equipment. Nearly 140,000 Ontario children from 392 schools in 132 cities will benefit from this donation according to the partners. The Grocery Foundation donation represents 34 per cent of the total number of schools across the province which will be funded by Breakfast for Learning in 2011 school year.



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Pedigree helps shelter dog adoption




Through their online adoption drive, Pedigree is hoping to create awareness and raise money for animal shelters across Canada.  Watch the videos and help raise $150,000 to help protect shelter dogs.

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Walmart challenges students to change the world

Walmart has just launched their Green Student Challenge, encouraging post secondary students to enter their green sustainable business ideas.  Winners will receive $30,000, as will their school.

Their active Facebook page features additional information from some other corporate supporters encouraging students to help change their world, including Bullfrog Power and the Schulich School of Business.

This is another example of a company looking and listening.  Their message is that students have the potential to become green leaders of the future.  This program is providing them with the opportunity to share their vision, and perhaps, to make a real difference.

This is a continuation of Walmart’s ShareGreen Initiative, which profiles their efforts to work with suppliers to help make changes that benefit business and society.



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Quaker Unlocks Amazing to help fight hunger

Help Quaker donate 1 million to help fight hunger across Canada.  Its easy to do – check out their Facebook page.











They are also supporting this initiative through in-store displays, working to help promote the need to support Food Banks across Canada.  Read more about this interesting CSR initiative at Strategy.

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Volunteering makes a mark on Linkedin

Linked in has created a new option for users to include information on their volunteer and cause related interests and experience.  Just another validation for how important volunteering is not only for the world, but potentially, for your own personal career. Read more about this new feature at Fastcompany.

Don’t forget to update your profile!







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Macy’s to help youth fight “lazy-butt-itis”

It’s back to school time and while students are gearing up to get ready for the start of the school year, Macy’s is hoping to capture their attention to raise awareness and funds for, an organization focused on helping motivate youth to make a difference where they live, by volunteering their time to support something important to them.

I’m always happy to see young people being inspired and encouraged to be a part of something that is important to them.  I’m also happy when an organization like Macy’s can help promote the important work of an organization like

Everyone who completes the Do Something Cause Quiz will be entered to win a $250 shopping trip to Macy’s Two youth will win at $500 scholarship based on their actions.  There is also the chance for students to help raise money through Facebook likes and QR code scanning.

Check out more details on Macy’s program. The site also features an entertaining public service announcement by actor Nick Cannon.

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